Social & communities

Social & communities

As a leading employer in our industry, and due to the nature of our work, it is essential that we are considerate in our actions and use our business success to benefit our people, the communities in which we work and that we carry out our operations with minimal risk to health and safety and the environment.

Gilmore is committed to ensuring that the company remains a healthy, happy and environmentally conscious place to work. This includes the development and support of the Gilmore Social Committee. Rather than CSR initiatives taking a top-down approach, Gilmore Social Committee turns CSR into something altogether more community based, with a distinct grassroots flavor.

Gilmore employees taking center stage acting as a facilitator for ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to create and take part in their own CSR activities. This can be anything from beach cleaning and community outreach, to chili contests, as well as fundraising for local charities.

Gilmore Social Committee is the thriving, beating heart of Gilmore for social activities, volunteering and charity fundraising.

Charity and fundraising drives include:

  • Houston Disaster Fund after Hurricane Harvey
  • Houston You First Foundation supports families of brain injury victims
  • Houston Disaster Donation after Hurricane IDA for Louisiana
  • Houston Blood Center
  • Adopt-A-Family program through The Houston Children’s Charity

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