Gilmore follows Proserv’s commitment to conducting business with the highest standard of ethical behavior, in line with our core values. We have developed a number of policies and codes of conduct to ensure that we, as a business, conduct ourselves in a legal and ethical manner, in all environments we encounter, wherever in the world our business takes us.

Our reputation depends on operating with integrity and doing the right thing and as such we foster a culture of transparency and responsibility at all times for all our employees. We also expect those with whom we do business to embrace similar values and standards.

Global business ethics policy

Proserv’s business ethics policy is a code of conduct designed to guide Gilmore employees to handle business situations professionally, fairly and legally. The business ethics policy has the following objectives:

  • To ensure that Gilmore complies with all laws and regulations applicable to our business activities in all countries in which we operate
  • To ensure that Gilmore conducts all our business activities with integrity and in an ethical manner
  • To maintain and protect the reputation for business integrity that Gilmore has built up with all our associated parties and partners.

The policy contains guidance on business and personal integrity, protecting Gilmore employees and the firm’s assets. Updated in 2018, the booklet also contains new sections and important updates on:

  • Freedom of association
  • Conflict minerals
  • Data privacy

View Proserv’s global business ethics policy

Gender pay gap report

Government Equalities Office methodology requires organizations to share mean and median figures for differences in average hourly pay and bonus pay for men and women, in addition to the proportion receiving a bonus.

In line with Government legislation Proserv has published its UK gender pay gap reports for 2017 and 2018.

View 2018 Report

View 2017 Report


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