Gilmore service solutions help keep your processes safe, productivity high, and costs low.



Our service commitment gives you peace of mind by delivering reliability with effective and efficient operation of your flow control components throughout the lifecycle of your system.

Turnkey Manufacturing Services

Gilmore’s manufacturing facility can accommodate the engineering, machining and manufacture of custom order components and products.  Machined centers include CNC lathes from micro to 18″, mills up to 30″ X 60″ and multi-axis CNCs that can service a variety of metals including stainless steel and exotic alloys.

Finishing centers include ultra-sonic cleaning, lapping and passivation to achieve high quality components with maximum resistance to corrosion under extreme operating conditions.  Please submit your project request with initial details of the scope of work through the inquiry portal on this page.  A Gilmore representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Aftermarket Maintenance & Repair

Gilmore provides the same dedication to quality in repairing and restoring our control valves as it does to the quality put into the manufacture of new Gilmore products. Trained valve technicians will inspect, perform failure mode analysis, repair and restore valves with assurance testing. This ensures they are rebuilt to current factory standards and to the latest design revision with a new factory warranty.


Inspection with Integrity

Gilmore’s Inspection Team adheres to a strict process guideline to review all product components from receipt of bar to stock to lot quality control to outbound inspection of finished product. Components are inspected 100% and documented for complete traceability.

The Quality Control Laboratory is fully equipped with an extensive line of precision equipment and tools to capture every detail of machined and purchased components through chemistry, dimensional, visual and seal inspections so products are correct for desired performance.  For more information on all of our services please download our Service Solutions Brochure.

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