Gilmore is committed to operating in a way that ensures the safety and health of its employees and the prevention of any negative environmental impacts while ensuring the quality of our products and services meet the requirements of our stakeholders.

Every Gilmore employee is empowered to take ownership of quality, health, safety and environmental performance as part of their daily working duties and are authorized to stop any job which is deemed to be unsafe or affects the quality of our products or services.

This policy along with our FRESH values, provides the foundation of the organization’s QHSE culture.

Gilmore Senior Leadership continually reviews QHSE performances and compares performance results against established targets and objectives.  Gilmore Senior Leadership is equally committed to safeguarding the environment by fostering a culture where the employees are encouraged and challenged to protect the environment against pollution and support Gilmore’s sustainability efforts.

Gilmore Senior Leadership is further committed to:
  • ensuring compliance to all stakeholders including customer, local, State, and Federal regulatory bodies
    related to quality, health, safety, and environmental requirements.
  • encouraging and empowering to actively participate in QHSE-related efforts across the
  • fostering a culture where hazards associated with risks to quality, employee health and safety, as well as
    environmental impacts, are continually assessed and mitigated or eliminated where possible; and,
  • leading and supporting continuous improvement efforts to the QHSE management systems.
Gilmore Senior Leadership will develop yearly QHSE Objectives

That allow us to monitor our operations and ensure we are meeting the requirements of our QHSE Management System.

Objectives shall be developed around:

  • Reduction of QHSE related near-misses and incidents
  • Employees active participation with the QHSE Management System
  • Conformance to stakeholder requirements and
  • Reduction of waste associated with rework and scrap
Gilmore Senior Leadership has the responsibility to ensure:
  • The policy is maintained and updated on an annual basis to reflect the context of the organization
  • Resources are made available to support this QHSE Management System
All Gilmore Employees have the responsibility to understand:
  • The QHSE Policy
  • How their roles within the organization directly impact achievement of the policy and related objectives.

Together we will achieve our strategic objectives by providing best in class products and services to our customers while ensuring we are protecting the safety and health of our employees and the environment.

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