Glimpse into Gilmore: Blanca Martinez, right thing, right way

Glimpse into Gilmore: Blanca Martinez, right thing, right way

Posted: June 30, 2020

Blanca Martinez has been a valued member of the Gilmore team for over 5 years.  She began her career as warehouse clerk and then moved up to the position of warehouse lead where she guides the team in maintaining 500-700 lines of components a week.

The warehouse is central to Gilmore operations with Assembly, Engineering, R&D, Aftermarket and Manufacturing Departments all pulling components to complete new orders and projects.  Gilmore has three Kardex-Remstar Vertical Lift Optimization Systems to maximize the flow of material.  The systems offer a feature to “batch pick” allowing five jobs to be picked simultaneously, controlling inventory to limited access and increasing productivity by 30%.

Blanca has been instrumental in reducing old outdated inventory saving the company operational costs.  The implementation of a cycle counting process has also maintained on-hand inventory accountability to a tight margin, eliminating the need for a physical inventory count disruption.

Blanca’s colleagues describe her as always doing the right thing, the right way, one of five key fresh values that drive the company culture creating an environment where employees give their best.  “Gilmore is a good company that respects their employees by preserving a workplace that allows for responsible and open communication ensuring employees can always succeed.”

Another key reason Blanca enjoys coming to work at Gilmore every day, the company’s steadfast commitment for over half a century, to embrace a diverse workforce and reinforce that commitment through celebration traditions.  “Whether it is the annual fish fry for achieving another safety milestone, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth or simply an employee’s birthday or personal milestone, every celebration reaffirms to both new and veteran co-workers they are all part of one Gilmore team.”

“Blanca leads by example and always strives to do the Right Thing, the Right Way.  She arrives every day with a welcoming smile and eagerness to help where she can.”- Cartez Burkhalter, Assembly Supervisor


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