The client was on schedule for a complete overhaul for one of their semi-submersibles, executing their 5 year Out Of Service (OOS) maintenance period. The client contracted Proserv to provide the design, manufacture and installation of a Marine Tensioner Control Skid to replace the existing system that reached the end of its useful life. The original unit was severely corroded due to its location in the Moon pool. And the materials and components used on the skid were discovered to be substandard for the type of environmental conditions.


Proserv began the design of the Marine Riser Tensioner Control Skid System that would monitor and operate 6 inline Marine Riser Tensioners in May 2015. System materials and components used in the design would now extend the lifespan of the equipment and include the same functionality as the original unit.

Proserv’s technical service team installed all of the tubing, electrical and instrumentation of the new skid as well as the design and manufacture of the control system panel and integration of the hardware onto the rig.


The Proserv technical crew encountered some challenges with the installation of the skid on the drilling rig but because of warranted experience with all styles of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic control systems, the team was able to solution engineer onsite completing the project with a successful commissioning, rendering the system operational to the client by October, 2015.


  • Engineering team that provides tailored, value added solutions working closely with clients to assess their needs
  • Experienced Certified Crews onshore and offshore prescreened and qualified with all the necessary training including safety training and documentation
  • Onsite project surveys to ensure client service needs are price matched
  • Project management team supervises and performs onsite reviews to ensure project completion is timely and satisfactory

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