KCA contracted Proserv to carry out the refurbishment of an entire BOP control system which was manufactured in 1984 and had been in use since 1986.


Proserv’s skilled engineers refurbished the entire BOP control system changing out ‘like for like’ and refurbishing pumps and machinery where necessary. New tubing was also installed and all the electrical controls were changed out with new.


  • Refurbishment of the current system and changing some of the components ‘like for like’, was significantly less expensive in comparison to buying a new one whilst still being within API 16D regulations.
  • Our skilled teams delivered the system within a very short timeframe and managed the deadline even when having it pushed back 4 weeks.
  • Changing out tubing and installing it in a new way ensures the maintenance of the stack manifold will be much simpler. Furthermore, it will reduce time spent on maintenance both on the stack manifolds and the rest of the BOP control system in the long-term.

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