A leading driller reached out to Proserv regarding a Gilmore regulator in service on a new BOP system design.

Project Description

Through the course of 18 months, Proserv Gilmore Facility sent a technician on location twice to replace the regulator. After the second replacement and further assessment of the new BOP system, it was discovered that some enhancements were required to the regulator design for this specific control system. The system design caused severe air entrainment issues which lowered the regulators reliability.  The customer attempted to mitigate the air entrainment, however was not successful.  Therefore, the decision was made for Proserv to make the regulator more robust by reconfiguring the regulator with improved seal materials that would withstand the low lubricity of the customers air infused fluid.

Additionally, the client inquired about having local support for their operations in Norway and the option for a Proserv technician in Norway to be trained on certified repair so that local support could be readily available going forward.

The OEM realizing how important this was to the client provided payment for the training. Two Proserv Stavanger Facility technicians were trained and in addition, both the Gilmore Facility and Stavanger Facility worked together to design and produce a test bench for the final acceptance test on the regulators. The following week the newly trained technicians installed the new regulator and for the first time another Proserv entity repaired and tested a regulator.


Proserv’s technical teams are able to provide full operational support on both drilling and process control systems. Designing, fabricating, installing and servicing all styles of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic control systems which allows us to look beyond visible component hiccups and provide simple solutions to new engineering challenges.  In this case, simple enhancements to an original regulator design.

Second, by providing locally trained technicians to support customers regionally, customer maintenance costs are reduced and downtime is handled with reduced delay.


  • Understand the theory of operation of Proserv Gilmore valve products
  • Identify all styles and configurations of each product
  • Identify system issues that impact performance and gain ideas on reducing system-induced issues
  • Identify modes of valve failure through root cause analysis
  • Become a certified technician for each Proserv Gilmore valve product


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