Proserv’s service team were scheduled to mobilise for a second HPU upgrade on a drillship located offshore Africa, when the client called to see if the Proserv team could survey and quote the tie-in of their CCTLF equipment upon arrival first. The CCTLF would serve as a back up system to the tensioners. The client needed the additional job completed by a firm date to avoid rig downtime.


Proserv technical personnel mobilised to begin the new project on August 26, 2016 for the fabrication and installation of the upper standpipe extension, lower standpipe spool and APV HP Autoclave tubing.

Piping was plumbed from existing piping to the APV Skid including the fabrication and welding on the lower stand 6” stainless steel piping in the moon pool area-main deck and the pipe deck. The team also worked with existing piping to the CCTLF upper manifold including the fabrication and welding on the upper stand 6” stainless steel piping in the derrick. Tubing was installed from the inside of the APV room to the APV skid on the riser storage area STBD AFT including the fabrication, coning and threading on the 1” stainless steel autoclave tubing.

All welds on piping were inspected and phased array ultrasonic tested by a third party successfully. All piping and tubing was hydrostatic pressure tested according to required pressures.


The entire work scope was completed in four weeks with the Proserv team completely demobilised by September, 2016 rendering the CCTLF ready for a scheduled commissioning that proved the equipment ready for full operation.


  • Fast response; anytime, internationally anywhere 24/7
  • Experienced Certified Crews onshore and offshore prescreened and qualified with all the necessary training including safety training and documentation
  • Onsite project surveys to ensure client service needs are priced matched
  • Project management team supervises and performs onsite reviews to ensure project completion is timely and satisfactory

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