Because of operational limitations the client required regular video inspection of subsea infrastructure and valve isolation should a leak be detected. Typically ROV deployment was necessary every quarter and this was proving both very costly and logistically demanding.


Proserv provided a subsea monitoring system that co-existed with the original OEM control system. Proserv SeaHawk™ subsea surveillance is permanently positioned to monitor a defective methanol line during injection processes. If a leak is detected the Proserv system is also equipped with an electrical actuator position on the chemical isolation valve.  The requirement for regular ROV deployment is now not necessary and all video inspection and valve actuation can be completed from the host facility without intervention, saving both the cost and logistics of ROV vessels in field.


A Proserv Open Communications Hub (OCH) with power-line communication was provided to co-exist with the OEM’s control system. The OCH was installed with two outputs for SeaHawk™ cameras and one output for an electrical actuator. A single SeaHawk™ camera was fitted in the first installation with a second available as a configurable SIIS L3 instrument for the future. The SeaHawk™ provided constant video monitoring detection or 3 minutes of high resolution video in every hour for analysis and identification.


  • The Proserv control and monitoring system dramatically improved the system capability using existing infrastructure. It provided a highly flexible system using configurable electrical actuator, subsea video monitoring or future SIIS L3 instrumentation.
  • Furthermore, it provided permanent subsea monitoring and actuation without the regular high cost of ROV intervention.

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