From Seabed to Frac Spread

For more than 50 years, Gilmore has delivered valve solutions to the offshore industry – an intense, technology-driven environment where failure is not an option. Now we’re taking this mindset and our unrivaled technologies to the unconventional market.

We are rolling out frac valve advancements unlike anything else in the industry. Our technologies are engineered to deliver precision performance in the harshest severe-service environments, to help operators boost efficiencies, reduce operational costs across the frac spread, and increase profitability.

All three of our solutions are built upon unique technologies that dramatically extend service life.

Gilmore Check Valve (GCV)

  • Prevents backflow to protect upstream assets
  • Rated to a minimum of 16BPM @ 15,000psi
  • Spring biased for low flow checking
  • Offers clamp or hammer union connection to frac iron

Gilmore Relief Valve (GRV)

  • Protects individual frac pump from overpressure
  • Rated to a minimum of 10BPM @ 15,000psi
  • Automatic mechanical reset
  • Mounts on fluid-end discharge
  • Customizable pressure settings
  • Offers clamp or hammer union connection to frac iron

Gilmore Pressure Relief System (GPRS)

  • Relieves system over-pressure during operations
  • Rated to a minimum of 120BPM @ 15,000psi
  • User configurable relief and reset points (0psi – 15,000psi)
  • Designed for direct placement into monobore manifold system with API 6BX 7-1/16″ 15,000psi flange (parallel placement capable)
  • Easy jack-up and connection into monobore with hydraulic levelling system
  • Autonomous system with onboard power, communications and hydraulics
  • Fail-safe open design


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