Gilmore subplate mounted (SPM) valves are critical control valve components, relied upon for directional control of regulated hydraulic fluid within a system. Gilmore offers SPMs in 2-way and 3-way varieties in normally open or normally closed configurations. With durable PEEK soft seated sealing, Gilmore SPMs feature a limited interflow design. Their compact and lightweight designs make them ideal for areas where size and weight are a factor.

  • Sizes: ½”, 1″, 1-½”​
  • Connection Types: NPT, SAE, Code 62, BSPP, manifolded options​
  • Pressure Range: Up to 6000 psi
  • Configurations: Bi-directional cartridges allow for both Normally Closed Normally Open operations in both individual bodies or customizable manifolds, Pilot flush port option for simple maintenance

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