Gilmore supplies a large selection of flow control products to address the wide ranging needs of industrial pneumatic and hydraulic applications.

The Pneu-Hydro product line provides our clients with reliable and compact control valve solutions for oil and gas drilling, well intervention, production control and other petrochemical activities.

Gilmore’s Pneu-hydro products have been proven to provide reliable flow control in downstream facilities, the mining sector and other general industrial processes.

Product line Range:

  • Relief Valves  ​- Both in-line and right angle
  • Check Valves
  • Hand Valves
  • Shuttle Valves
  • Quick Vent Valves  ​
  • Pneumatic Control Valves
  • Pressure Indicators
  • Interface Valves
  • Pilot Sensing Valves (High/Low)

Product Features: 

  • Wide series of available pressure ranges​
  • Smooth, chatter-free performance​
  • Reliable and repeatable cracking and reseating pressures​
  • 316 SS construction ​
  • Up to 10,000psi working pressure​
  • ¼” – ½” NPT connections

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