Glimpse into Gilmore’s Brenda Cornejo-help, share and communicate

Glimpse into Gilmore’s Brenda Cornejo-help, share and communicate

Posted: July 7, 2020

Brenda Cornejo joined the Gilmore team in 2013 as a Technician I, Machinist. Through hard work and an eagerness to learn, she moved up to the position of Technician II, Machinist in 2018.  Brenda continues to train so that she will be able to program the component runs on the CNC Mazak QTN 100 Lathe Machine she oversees from setup to operation to producing the parts.

“I enjoy the flexibility of using different tools to create a finished Gilmore component to spec from raw material.  I like seeing all of the different shapes that can be machined.” “I am currently a CNC Programmer Apprentice with the goal to continue my training to be a full CNC Programmer.”

Brenda’s colleagues would describe her as job focused someone always available to take on additional tasks and always willing to assist a co-worker with a question.  Help, Share and Communicate is a company fresh value that Brenda personifies every day she steps on to the workshop floor.  It is not hard to locate Brenda’s workstation within the facilities workshop due to the bright pink toolbox located just to the right of neatly stacked machining tools.

“Brenda is dedicated to accomplishing any task asked of her from the manufacturing team.  It is due to her hard work and effective skills that colleagues and I are continually impressed by the results she produces!” Moises Serrano, Workshop Supervisor

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