Glimpse into Gilmore: Gerardo Martinez, roadmap to the new standard in reliability

Glimpse into Gilmore: Gerardo Martinez, roadmap to the new standard in reliability

Posted: June 17, 2020

Gerardo Martinez has been a valued member of the Gilmore Engineering team for over 8 years.  He has proven himself as a pacesetting leader and contributor within the company eventually taking on the role as Engineering Manager to oversee all engineering efforts along with the execution of multiple product improvement projects all aimed to meet increasing system demand and maintaining reliability of product.

In late 2017, The Engineering team was challenged to set in motion a product roadmap with a 5-year engineering plan extending through to 2023 that would shape the development and execution of the next generation of essential control flow products.  Gilmore’s GEN 2 product qualification was set to exceed industry guidelines to provide a more robust and reliable control flow solution, setting a new standard in product reliability.

Gilmore had several offerings across their product lines that they wanted to bring to market under the GEN 2 qualification over the next three years.  Gerardo Martinez led the Engineering department in reviewing project processes to determine the best way forward.  Looking at the big picture so that planning, designing, manufacturing and allocated resources would meet the aggressive deadlines needed to bring each of the five products to market.  “Communication is key to getting things done. Having well defined goals, clearly communicating expectations and talking through unforeseen challenges allowed us to be agile and overcome obstacles. It has kept the team and projects moving forward from inception through to market introduction.”

As of this year, Gilmore has released new GEN 2 product across their five product line families meeting the GEN 2 qualification with over 60 products.  GEN 2 Pilot Operated Check Valve, GEN 2 Variable Pilot valve, The GEN 2 V-Seal Shuttle Valve, GEN 2 Relief Valve, GEN 2 SPM Valve, GEN 2 Regulator and the Mark IV Shuttle Valve. “Getting feedback from the end user of our products has proved invaluable, it has made our already robust products even more resilient.  It allows us to identify and prioritise projects thus building our product Roadmap. This along with our thorough approach to qualification has yielded new technologies and intellectual property that set Gilmore apart as a solutions provider.”

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