Glimpse into Gilmore: Anthony Hatchett, serious about service

Glimpse into Gilmore: Anthony Hatchett, serious about service

Posted: June 22, 2020

Anthony Hatchett has been a valued member of the Gilmore team for over 7 years.  He began his career in assembly building new valves that included taking the components through the passivation process, assembly to performance testing.

Anthony’s positive drive to learn as much as he could about the Gilmore product lines led to his move to the Aftermarket department as an Assembly Technician II.  Gilmore flow control products arriving from the field for refurbishment are repaired and maintained using Gilmore procedures and parts, ensuring components are rebuilt to factory standards and to the latest designs. Working with engineering subject matter experts, Anthony catalogues and inspects the valves with failure mode analysis and data management of control system performance.  Products are pre-tested, dis-assembled, cleaned through passivation, assembled, and post-tested with standard FAT or extended FAT including charting.

Anthony took on the new position as Aftermarket Technician II lead with the same focus he applied to learning all of the Gilmore products.  He reviewed current processes and sought out improvements due to his 5S Lean Six Sigma training that increased Aftermarket productivity by 30%.  He introduced component cleaning at the onset of the inspection process providing earlier detection for part replacement.  He expanded workflow to accommodate multiple repair assemblies simultaneously.  Anthony’s attention to detail to his work and the department has created an environment that allows the company to pull in employee resources seamlessly when workflow requires, providing customers with a faster service turnaround. “Maintaining a 5S lean environment provided me a guideline to improve processes in Aftermarket and minimize risk for injury.” “Gilmore’s company culture embraces employees like family, valuing our opinions and contributions as part of the solution.” 

Gilmore Aftermarket Services also include field service support that offers offshore technical support including inspection, consultation, and turnkey maintenance on Gilmore field installations, which include product modifications and conversions.  Many flow control challenges that customers may experience are due to system requirements and usage.  Gilmore’s Aftermarket team is able to work closely with the Engineering team to provide turnkey solutions in which simple product material adjustments or product reconfigurations resolve these challenges.  “Gilmore is a growing company that promises many opportunities for employee growth.  I know that I will be able to continue to grow as a person and broaden my skill set under the guidance of the Gilmore management team.”

“Anthony is detail oriented, cares about the quality of product he provides and consistently seeks to improve in all areas of his work.  He is the next Generation of Gilmore and will carry on the exemplary reputation of a company who offers reliable, consistent, top quality products for both the energy and industrial markets.” – Karen Cestarte, Aftermarket Supervisor

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