The Toni field consists of two subsea templates. CNR were unable to contract the OEM for controls to extend both templates to accommodate an additional well at each template. The OEM control module design was obsolete and no solution to add these wells was available without a full system replacement, which was not economically viable.

“ Proserv stepped up to the challenge of providing a co-exist controls solution to extend and enhance our aging subsea asset where no viable solution was available from the OEM.” 


Proserv provided a Brownfield Upgrade solution. By utilising the power conductors for both communications and power Proserv minimised any cross talk between the two systems. This approach provided the client with a cost effective solution that did not require full system replacement and did not impact on the day to day operation of the Toni Field. Our solution also provided the flexibility for future upgrades and for further fields to be added into the controls infrastructure in the future.


Proserv upgraded the existing CNR subsea control system on the Toni Field using an Open Communications Hub (OCH) and 2 additional Subsea Control Modules (SCMs). The existing topology utilised separate communications and power, enabling Proserv to co-exist with the existing umbilical power cores and share these services with the incumbent system.


Proserv enabled CNR to improve production from the Toni field by adding two wells without a full system change. The flexibility of this co-exist system now enables CNR to consider other wells and other field tie-ins, which were otherwise not available Increasing the life and production from the Toni field.

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