Proserv was awarded a contract to conduct a required upgrade to an existing Chemical Injection pump system. This included the installation of a new scale/corrosion inhibitor pump skid  to fulfil a requirement for  >95% redundancy system availability.


Proserv upgraded the incumbent chemical injection package and engineered a skid capable of independently controlling supplies of Corrosion Inhibitor and/or Scale Inhibitor to each of the three subsea manifolds (Drill Centres), optimising production.

The success of this Project was a result of an excellent team effort, cross region collaboration and a true reflection of Proserv MENA Centre of Excellence.


Access restrictions on the vessel required the skid to be supplied in three sections so it could easily pass through the access hatch and into its location. Each part of the skid was fitted with lifting lugs and supplied with slings which allowed them to be lifted by crane from the supply vessel, onto the FPSO and into location.

The skid was manufactured in three modular sections with the provision for lifting the bottom frame vertically by providing side lifting lugs. The skid can be split in such a way that the sections, excluding the base, contain one duty and one standby pump for high flow and for low flow demand.
Removable feet were provided, bolted to the skid base section, for fixing of the skid package to the existing deck plate offshore. The feet were manufactured to be suitable for welding to the deck and the bolting arrangement incorporated means of levelling the skid using shims/packer plates between the feet and the base structure.


  • 99% System Availability
  • CE & EC Directive compliant.
  • Modular Design
  • Remote shut down facility
  • Intrinsically safe instrumentation suitable for Zone 1
  • DNV certified package

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