Proserv’s High Energy Efficient Chemical Injection Skid or ‘Green Skid’ was awarded ‘Technology Implementation of the Year’ in the 2013 Oil and Gas awards. The first company to acknowledge this concept’s potential and commit to support the launch of this new technology was Tatweer Petroluem, for their Awali field in Bahrain.


Considering the 24/7 continuous power consumption of chemical dosing applications, the energy efficiency aspect of the Green Skid, which is solar powered, is extremely critical. Proserv’s partnerships with sub-vendors on high efficiency components such as pump motors and gear boxes, makes us the exclusive provider of a skid which reduces inefficiencies by 40% compared to conventional methods available to the market.


The Energy Efficient Chemical Injection System developed offered a new level of versatility, offering a flow rate between
2USGPD to 24 USGPD at 30 BarG injection pressure. The system also had an in-built intelligent subsystem to transmit the skid’s alarm to the operator’s mobile phone, through a GSM network. This exclusive solution was developed to inject anti-foam chemical in the flow lines for Tatweer’s Awali Field, as per the client’s requirements.


  • Ease in operation – Pulse Width Modulation ( PWM for speed control ) technique allows smooth control over pump output
  • Intelligent – Bi-directional communication using GSM network available in the vicinity of Bahrain site allowed monitoring and control of chemical skid process from operators mobile.
  • Battery backup – Middle East Region typically requires battery backup of 2-3 days maximum which has been taken into consideration to encounter ‘no sun’ days.
  • Uses multi piston chemical dosing pump with special features such as:
  • In line with API 674/675 regulations for controlled volume dosing application
  • Reduced energy consumption by 30 – 40% than other available options in the market for same design outputs due to high efficiency pump motor and gear box usage.
  • 3 piston configuration reduced system pulsations and motor torque spikes eliminating need of having pulsation damper itself.
  • Ultra low friction ceramic parts compatible with most chemicals
  • Unique “valve less” options which are “self-priming”.
  • 24Vdc PWM motor control from 2 USGPD to 24USGPD at 30 BarG injection pressure
  • Double sealed construction with no vent to tank making it leakage free to the environment.

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