Proserv was originally contacted to provide qualified and experienced welders to perform butt welds on lube oil and process piping for two compressor skids with an upcoming hard delivery schedule. The client discovered during radiographic testing on the butt welds, a high failure rate due to the workmanship from the previous contractor.


The Proserv team reworked a high percentage of the welds from the previous contractor successfully passing the secondary radiographic testing from an outside party.

Once onsite, clients were made aware of additional services that Proserv could offer to complete the entire work scope of not only two compressor skids but a third one as well.


Additional services included, Low Pressure Piping and Tubing Installation, Instrumentation and Electrical Installation and Structural Fabrication. Proserv had the resources to provide the additional technical staffing so that the clients needs were met. The Proserv team was also able to support the client with consumable materials and heavy support equipment for the project to keep costs in check and assembly schedule moving forward. And due to the limitations of the clients’ personnel at the final stages, Proserv assisted with the pressure testing, sampling and final acceptance testing to ensure an on time delivery.


Proserv’s ability to provide turnkey highly experienced technicians for designing, fabricating, installing and servicing all styles of control system applications with the support of survey specialists, estimators and project management team for worldwide assistance and project completion sets us apart from the competition.


  • Fast response; anytime, internationally anywhere 24/7
  • Experienced Certified Crews onshore and offshore prescreened and qualified with all the necessary training including safety training and documentation
  • Onsite project surveys to ensure client service needs are priced matched
  • Project management team supervises and performs onsite reviews to ensure project completion is timely and satisfactory

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