Proserv was tasked with the design, build and testing of a bespoke camera inspection tooling spread in order to remotely view the turret chain connectors and chain pull-in during mooring line hook-up operations within a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG).

This equipment was created to eliminate the need for divers to be present in and around the turret during mooring chain pull in and latching operations.

The bespoke tooling spread allowed for monitoring of the mooring hook up (MHU) from inside the turret and inspection of the bend stiffener latching mechanism (BSLM) from outside the turret through an I-tube. To allow for inspection through the I-tube, an I-tube cleaning tool was also required.


The tooling spread consisted of a camera system with multiple deployment options. The camera system included a pan (360°) and tilt head (280°) with integral LED lights. The tool that was used within the turret included a mast which could extend downwards at 20m and be inclined from the vertical up to 20° as well as multiple mounting configurations for the camera to suit different locations within the turret.

For inspection through the I-tubes a cleaning tool was lowered through the I-tube to clear all marine growth prior to camera deployment. The inspection tool could then be lowered vertically through the I-tube until it bottomed out on an internal flange to the point where the camera would extend downwards from 100mm to 2000mm. The I-tube tool included a stabilizing system to secure the tool and minimise camera movement.

Proserv did an excellent job in assembling this package on a tight timeframe whilst still delivering a quality product for use. The camera systems performed extremely well and met the design brief.” –  Senior Installation Engineer


The tooling spread has been used successfully offshore and exceeded client expectations, highlighting Proserv’s ability to solve unique problems in new environments.

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