Simplify and subsea are two terms that generally do not go together. Conventional wisdom would tell us that the subsea monitoring and operating of wells implies long lead times, expensive processes and very complex communication systems.

Proserv has once again challenged conventional wisdom by developing market leading subsea technologies that can be combined with incompatible systems, offering increased options in expanding fields, and allowing for the retrofitting of a large variety of designs into existing operations.

Providing the best reliability performance, along with ensuring zero obsolescence issues are the two fundamentals around which our subsea controls systems have been developed.

Proserv deliver full subsea controls systems with the confidence that your system will never become obsolete, and will perform with market leading reliability.

Subsea communications

Proserv’s direct hydraulic and multiplexed production subsea control systems provide the control and shutdown of subsea wells together with robust communications that enable the topside management and subsea monitoring.

Proserv’s electro-hydraulic subsea control modules (SCMs) are designed to meet initial field requirements and provide expansion to suit full field development as required. Flexible and modular in design, our SCMs are compatible with trees from all major tree manufacturers and are effective in shallow or deepwater.

Open communications hub (OCH)

The Proserv OCH does something unique in subsea operations, it simplifies. The Proserv OCH enables fully transparent communications and provides high-speed data monitoring from the subsea multiphase flow meters and control modules.

The OCH is part of an entire system that reduces the complexity of connecting seemingly disparate systems and provides an interface for up to six instruments using only one pair of subsea umbilical power cables for data transmission. The OCH works with all major trees and control systems to create a transparent communication system.

Subsea distribution

For several decades, Proserv has been providing subsea distribution systems to clients globally for effective communications between subsea controls systems and topside.

Our technology solution, which is based on field-proven technology, includes subsea termination heads, fiber optical, electrical distribution and hydraulic systems for safe and reliable subsea power and signal distribution.

We provide clients with a fully integrated service for the design and manufacture of subsea structures such as subsea distribution units (SDUs), subsea umbilical termination units (SUTUs) and Umbilical Termination Assemblies (UTAs).

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