Proserv’s next-generation multi string cutting (MSC) service provides a world-class cutting solution for use in some of the most challenging well abandonment campaigns.

The Proserv multi-string cutting (MSC) offering provides complete well severance from deployment to cutting operation and recovery within 12 hours, depending on well conditions. The service provides a customisable internal multi-string conductor cutter that is utilised in conjunction with Proserv’s water abrasive cutting technology to provide a superior cutting solution.

This powerful combination is more efficient than conventional mechanical cutting methods and more environmentally friendly than explosives.

Cost & time savings

  • Based on Proserv’s proprietary and field-proven water abrasive cutting technology
  • Provides complete well severance and significantly reduces in-well operational time by up to 60%
  • Cuts multiple strings of grouted casing in a single trip
  • Proven for cutting from 7” to 36” and capable of cutting at water depths down to 1,500ft (500m)
  • Superior cutting speed of typically 4-6 hours cutting time dependent on well conditions
  • For use on platform and subsea wells
  • Includes capability to lock on to and retrieve most well profiles in the world at the current time
  • Options available to plug flow by ports for effective sealing
  • Environmentally friendly when compared to explosive method
  • Alternative sealing methods can be considered based on well internal conditions

Well severance & recovery

Proserv’s water abrasive technology has developed from decades of expert product design, testing and field experience. This experience combined with our strong entrepreneurial spirit and service-driven attitude, we continue to push boundaries and provide an outstanding service to clients.


Proserv’s cutting (water abrasive) and recovery system can be deployed on drill pipe from the derrick and has the ability to cut and recover all permutations of casing sizes and wellhead configurations. The solution is cost effective as part of a large decommissioning scope or single well abandonment campaign.


Proserv offer complete services for internal subsea well severance (water abrasive) and recovery from a vessel. As in any well operation pre-planning is vital and Proserv ensure early engagement with all stakeholders to assist with the flawless execution. Additional external well severance options can be offered if there are wellbore restrictions.

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