Proserv holds an extensive fleet of rental sampling and chemical injection equipment available for the oil & gas industry. During periods of high activity, special projects or when equipment is outwith serviceable operation Proserv can offer rental equipment on a per day basis. Equipment is available from various facilities around the world at short notice and can be mobilised to other global locations.

Equipment available

  • Exploration sampling
  • Production sampling
  • Subsea sampling
  • Chemical Injection

Benefits of rental equipment

  • No large capital expenditure
  • Mobilisation at short notice
  • Equipment fully serviced and certified
  • No minimum rental period

Subsea Sampling

Diver & ROV operated sampling systems – systems capable of capturing high quality, representative samples from subsea locations via diver or ROV intervention utilising Proserv’s qualified subsea sample cylinder. Supports flow assurance, metering, allocation, system integrity and corrosion monitoring issues.

Subsea sample cylinder – 20,000 psi, large volume up to 2,000cc severe service piston cylinder fully qualified and certified for transportation sample cylinder for use in a subsea environment. PED and DOT USA certified. Eliminates requirement for transfer of fluid in the field.

Chemical Injection – extensive fleet of portable units of standard design or built to customer requirements to deliver the full range of production chemicals. Our chemical injection pump units range from a single pump application to multiple pneumatic injection pumps with discharge flow rates of 0 to 336 litres/hour and pressures from 0 to 13,000 psi. Chemical transfer pumps up to 30,000 litres/hour.


Production Sampling

Flow Through Sample Cylinders – 1,800 psi cylinder assemblies, 300cc, 500cc & 1,000cc volumes suitable for evacuated or flow through gas sampling. Cylinders delivered evacuated ready to use.

Production Piston Sample Cylinders – various pressure options ranging from 1800 psi up to 10,000 psi. Volumes from 640cc up to 4,000cc. Proserv’s constant pressure cylinders utilise a piston to maintain the sample at line pressure therefore helping to ensure a representative sample is captured. Cylinder pre-charge service is available.

ProMix portable Mixing Bench  portable ProMix sample receiver homogenising system for high accuracy water in oil analysis. Can be used in conjunction with either 1,000cc or 4,000cc ProMix sample cylinders.

ProSyringe – 3,000 psi high pressure sampling syringe manufactured from stainless steel which can be used to sub sample direct from a ProMix bench.

ProTrolley Mobile Sampling System – mobile automated liquid or gas sampling system which can be utilised with a range of Proserv constant pressure piston sample cylinders.

Mini Separator Systems – mobile mini separator unit allows you to reliably and consistently sample upstream of the first stage separator for water chemistry, sand / solids and hydrocarbon composition.


Exploration Sampling

PDS / SPS Down Hole Sampling tool packages  15,000 psi conventional or single phase bottom hole sampler packages complete with transfer equipment and the option of a field engineer.

Exploration Piston Sample Cylinders – 10,000 & 15,000 psi conventional and single phase piston cylinders for safe transportation and storage of bottom hole and surface samples.

Wellhead & Separator sampling kits – 3,000 & 10,000 psi manifolds for liquid and gas sampling complete with a range of fittings and hoses.


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