ROV operated subsea sampling system

Proserv was approached by a multinational operator to provide a system that could take production samples to support subsea meter calibration at water depths of 2,500 metres, in West Africa.

Diver operated subsea sampling system

A UK independent oil producer commissioned Proserv to design, manufacture and supply a subsea sampling system capable of capturing reservoir fluid samples at temperature from subsea Christmas trees.

SCM retrofit due to OEM obsolescence

Gilmore Regulator Certified Training

Critical Service Chemical Injection Regulator

Drill Pipe Riser Control System

Hydraulic Pipeline Flushing

Modular Chemical Injection System

Energy Efficient Solar Operated Chemical Injection Skid

Poor Reliability Obsolescence SCM Retrofit

Bespoke Camera Inspection Tooling Spread

Marine Riser

Coiled Compensating Tubing Lift Frame

Gullfaks A Field

Stampede Field

Subsea Brownfield Co-Exist Solution – Princess Field

Subsea Control Module Retrofit

Subsea Emergency Safety Valve Critical SCM Control System

Subsea Safety Isolation Valve Refurbishment: Bruce Field

Compressor Skids, Aftermarket Service and Repairs: New York

Topside Upgrade: Toni Field

Co-Exist Solution: Troll C Field

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